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Feel the magic of the moon ~
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Icon redo for Gewalgon

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:bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack: For me :bulletblack::bulletblack::bulletblack:

Digital Art:
- none -

Traditional Art:

Rune Dragons
>>> Sketches and Info about this Project here <<<

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Call me Vogel ᛉ Melanie
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied

About Me

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Call me Raveruna, Runa, Melanie, or Vogel. Don't call me Rave/Raver please...

Raven + Rune + Luna = Raveruna. Pronounciation: Ra (like the Egyptian god) ve (like the ve in vent) rune (like rune) a (like the a in art)


Gender non-conforming Woman.

German and English, want to learn Icelandic really bad.

Visual/Crafted Art (I'm a jack of all trades and always try new things), Reading and Writing, Enjoying Music, Swimming. That's it. I do literally nothing else. I don't do things with other people, all I want is to be left alone with the lazy things I enjoy.

:bulletblack:Art Inspiration
Nature, Music, my dreams and my beliefs are my biggest inspiration. Mythology (a lot Norse but others as well) is another big part of it, especially when it comes to my headworld 'Elennya'.

:bulletblack: Elennya?
Elennya is the world I 'live' in in my (day)dreams, the place I escape to. I deleted a lot of the things I shared about this world, though - Elennya has existed for more than a decade... and these old things didn't reflect me and my interests anymore, so there has been a lot of changes. But I do plan to write and draw more about it in the future.

Elennya is not your typical fantasy world - sure, there are dragons, gryphon and a lot of other beloved fantasy animals you all know... humans are nowhere the dominating species, though. Elennya is planned as a series of stories that each follow a different character through their life, called the 'Tales of Elennya'. You might find some fragments of those tales in my older gallery. They will be completely rewritten as I have grown in my language and in my mind and heart as well, so don't expect a direct continuation of these.

:bulletblack:Religion/Spiritual beliefs
I am Asatru (faith of the Aesir). We don't see the gods as something we have to obey. The virtues of the gods is something we strive for to give us strength and to lead us on the right way with their help. They are role-models and the stories they told are for us to learn from. While Asatru is not a belief that worships nature per se, I do so.
Asatru Stamp by Raveruna

My Fylgja is the Raven, and I feel strongly connected to this animal. Wisdom, Courage, Magic and Mysteries. Life and Death. Omen of transformation. The Truth, keeper of secrets and bringer of messages. The Raven shows me the deepest parts of myself. Shows me my demons and helps me to chase them away. He gives me nothing but riddles, yet all the answers I need.

My second Fylgja is a snow leopard - Solitary and Elusive. My self-reliance and the balance I need to keep standing on my feet in this world. The power of mystery and silence - always seeing, but never seen, dancing in the shadows deep within. Always avoiding being discovered, always hiding. Cold and relentless snow, yet frozen beauty and giving warmth.

:bulletblack:So what's with the all runes?
I love to work with runes, and I've been doing so for seven years now. My knowledge of runes is based on historical facts and speculations on which I build my own opinions, thoughts and beliefs. I want to keep it as free of New Age esoteric influences as possible.

If you are curious about runes yourself, please be careful what information on the web you want to trust, there are a lot of newly invented things around and sadly Nazis are still abusing some of these symbols as well. And If you are one of those aforementioned nazis: I hope you get eaten by Garmr and get shit on Hel's doorstep.

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:bulletblack:Favorite Color
The color of the midnight sky, Icy blue, silver, black... but I love all colors. Except green.

:bulletblack:Favorite Animal
Corvids and all kinds of Cats. Once again though, I love all animals except a few of choice... like mosquitoes. *shudder*

:bulletblack:Favorite Music
Metal, Folk, Medieval or a mix of both. Goth rock too. And amazing Soundtracks.

:bulletblack:Favorite Artist
Hans Werner Sahm, Todd Lockwood, Ravynne Phelan.

:bulletblack:Favorite Movie/TV Series
Dragonheart. Draco was the first dragon I saw, and I still love the movie dearly. It's the reason I developed such a big love for Dragons and other creatures as well as medieval Fantasy in general. Nowadays I rarely watch TV/Movies anymore.

:bulletblack:Favorite Book
Andrzej Sapkowski's Witcher Saga, GRRM's A Song of Ice and Fire and books written by W. Hohlbein.

:bulletblack:Favorite Game
The Witcher III, The Elder Scrolls series, Final Fantasy VII to X... all in all I love RPG's.

:bulletblack:Favorite Dish
Don't have one. I eat because I have to.

:bulletblack:Favorite Drink
The day I drank my first drop of mead was a very good one.

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:bulletblack:Random Facts

x I'm a pacifist in RL...
x ..yet I always fall in love with dark and murderous characters. Huh.
x I love sad stories that make me cry three days later still.
x Personally I'm aromantic, but I like romance on paper (not the schmoopy kind). I like the idea of it but that's it.
x I'm an introvert.
x I like to act tough but I cry very easily (I also start crying when I'm angry, which is kind of counterproductive)
x I don't smoke and very rarely drink alcohol.
x I have social anxiety (on the internet as well), so yes I want to talk to you, but I probably won't. At least I won't make the first step. OTL

Missing Info you would like to know? Ask me! :)


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